Sunday, April 15, 2012

Open the English Blog

Hi~! Everyone,

I'm Amily Lau and the sculptor and maker of OOAK(One of A Kind) Porcelain, Resin or LaDoll Clay Ball-jointed Dolls(BJD) in Hong Kong since 1996.
Here is my mainly English Blog and share about my BJDs and minature works.
Actually, my english is so poor that I hope I will express clearly for you....^_^|||


Unknown said...

Hi i really love your dolls i spent many hours trying to make plaster molds but it always ruin my prototype or the turn to water im not very good at mold making it leaks inside the dolls i really love all your pictures maybe some day i be good like you

Amily Lau said...

Thanks for you like my BJD.
In my experience, you must spray much much Mr.surfacer to be separated the water.

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